First Presidential Debate: Obama vs. Romney (Complete HD)

Published on 3 Oct 2012 by TheDailyConversation Mitt Romney displays a superb performance in his first Presidential Debate. A clear comparison is shown between the two candidates in what proves to be the best platform for debates in years. Each … Continue reading

Romney: It Is Our Turn To Grab The Torch Of Freedom And Opportunity

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Ann Romney Full 2012 RNC Speech

Published on 29 Aug 2012 by LadyLiberty1885 “I can’t tell you what will happen over the next four years. But I can only stand here tonight, as a wife, a mother, a grandmother, an American, and make you this solemn … Continue reading

MITT & ANN ROMNEY AT HOME | Fox News Sunday 08-26-12

Published on 27 Aug 2012 by AgainAmericaTV Mitt and Ann Romney are interviewed at their New Hampshire vacation home by host of FOX NEWS SUNDAY Chris Wallace. … Continue reading

If Obama Wins in 2012, Where Will America Be in 2016?…See “2016 Obama’s America ” to Find Out!

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Gov. Scott Walker at DREAM Summit

Published on 6 Aug 2012 by AFPFoundation There were many memorable moments from this year’s Dream Summit, but the most powerful memory occured on Saturday when our 2,000 grassroots activists presented Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker with AFP Foundation’s highest honor … Continue reading

American Crossroads: “Cool”

Published on Apr 26, 2012 by AmericanCrossroads After four years of a celebrity president, is your life any better? The fight for the White House is on! In 2008 many felt that the Republican Party did not stand up and … Continue reading

Mitt Romney victory speech 4/24/2012 Manchester, New Hampshire

Published on Apr 25, 2012 by Maximilean “Tonight is the beginning of the end of the disappointments of the Obama years,” For many of us, it has been a long and sometimes disappointing Republican Primary race this election season. It … Continue reading